Become an Accredited Earthfood Educator

Become an Accredited Earthfood Educator

Passionate about plants and growing, want to share the Earthfood love and earn some money as well?

Become an Earthfood Accredited Educator.

The opportunity to start earning money doing what you love. Do it on your terms and start changing the way gardens and gardeners grow better-tasting fruit, vegetables, and herbs, abundant flowers, plants, and lawns for healthier people and a healthier planet with Earthfood certified 100% organic biofertiliser and soil conditioner, powered by live microbes.

  1. Opportunity to talk about growing plants with Earthfood or just visit garden clubs with bottles at the sales tables
  2. Subscription to Earthfood newsletter.
  3. Make extra cash by selling Earthfood products to groups usually between 40-100 people.
  4. Enjoy special Earthfood product rates.
  5. Start a flexible business, your schedule, your terms, your gig, your way.
  6. Get training, support + expert advice.
  7. Link arms with supportive, inspiring, and helpful people.
  8. Access to our Accredited Earthfood Educators (AEE) Pack with a payment plan and includes:
  • 1 x carton of Earthfood which includes the microbe care card, thank you card, and brown paper carry bags (10)
  • 1 x carton of Earthfood Maintain (10)
  • 1 pack of 25 A4 Earthfood brochures, and the QR CODE on corflute for the Earthfood website subscription for your audience to learn more about best practice plant and soil health.
  • 25 Website subscription for your audience to join the community about best practice plant and soil health and very helpful growing notes and events.
  • Value: AUD $497
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*Income Disclaimer:
Your Earthfood does not guarantee that Consultants participating in the Accredited Earthfood Educators program will generate any income. As with any business, each Educator’s business results may vary. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including leadership, business experience, expertise, the quality and depth of your network, diligence and individual effort. Potential Accredited Earthfood Educators are urged to do their own due diligence prior to making any decision to participate. But we are here to help those who can help themselves!

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