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Biological Farming - Upwards Spiral

Earthfood is extremely easy to apply through any irrigation system and in any situation as it has been filtered twice through the settlement period with first a 100-micron mesh then a 140-micron mesh and can be used through the finest irrigation drip lines.

The cycle repeats with additional biological applications and time (self-Sustaining cycle)

  • Healthy pasture continues to cultivate and improve soil biology.
  • Increased productivity and root structure results in more nutrient-energy exchanging – soil biology grows.
  • Plant health, Immunity, Root structure and productivity increase due to increased nutrient uptake.
  • Plants are better able to derive nutrients from the soil and fix nitrogen from the atmosphere.
  • Increased nutrient-energy exchange between plant and soil biology.
  • Biology application improves soil biology.

Spend less and produce more – 100% Certified USDA naturally, organically.Biological farming is not only 100% natural but actively reduces Greenhouse CO2 Emissions.

How it works:

  • A soil test and a discussion on the outcomes and your requirements and confidence.
  • Biological application.
  • Biological application 4 times in the cycle of the growth of the plant.
  • In the first instances where herbicides are required, contact us for our 100% Organic Pine Oil Herbicide, and be impressed.

We are not a sea connected product, as that will be too salty for the microbes and they will die.

We are not a worm juice connected product, as that is too high in nitrogen or expensive water if watered down for applications.

With Earthfood, your food is organically grown, no chemicals or synthetic fertilisers​
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