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Earthfood 'Plant Your Paradise' Podcast Episodes

Follow Earthfood’s founder Bronwyn Holm as she talks to some fascinating and like-minded people encountered on her journey to help reinvigorate our planet’s soil, one Earthfood bottle at a time.

“Wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.”
– Voltaire

Purpose in business has become a common expectation, from employees, customers and investors. Yet many business leaders struggle to understand what it means for their business.

For Love & Money offers clarity on the most recent evolution of organisational purpose. It equates the demand for purpose in business with social purpose. Business as a force for good. Sharing inspiration from businesses such as Intrepid Travel, Outland Denim, Patagonia, Unilever, PayPal and Future Super, this book makes a powerful connection between the two things that drive social purpose-led businesses (which are inextricably linked): Love. Of people, planet and humanity. It’s the raw emotion behind purpose. And Money. Profit and commercial success.

Why are they interlinked? Because when purpose drives profit, it offers a business the ability to play a bigger game; to be ambitious in the change you seek to create over the long term. Meanwhile, you build a meaningful business for everyone involved; you attract passionately invested employees, customers, partners, suppliers and investors; and you build trust, the currency of a valued business.

Carolyn Bulter-Madden’s book, For Love and Money is available in all good bookstores and online from her website and Amazon.

Adam Jones is the owner of Figtree Organic Farm, in Queensland, Australia, who specialises in syntropic farming. He created a life with a future plan for the rest of his life in what the land can do as he ages with what he plants today.

In the podcast, Bronwyn and Adam talk about microbial activity for land care and best farming practice. They branch off in conversation with topics like best health practice, conglomerate mega farm destruction and postwar chemical humanity deterioration from cradle to coffin life span of interference from the big conglomerates in pharma, and agriculture.

A deep knowledge of organic farming and healthful living Adam gives us an insight into how humanity has been misled and only the small farmer / urban farmers are now the change force as the recession with food shortages is coming globally with mined fertiliser ingredients having a limited 10 years of mining left what will happen next?

Amanda Bigelow is a Food as Medicine Practitioner and certified health coach who works with the Medical Medium® Knowledge. She is also a published author, and presenter. Amanda helps women to recover from chronic illnesses. She lives and works in Townsville and throughout Australia via online consultations.

In 2008 Amanda was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. For years she could only manage her health. She spent lots of money at doctors and other helpers. For seven years she struggled with energy, confidence, and the ability to move forward in her life. In 2015-2017 she recovered from her disease using specific foods, herbs, and supplements. She was then able to stop taking her medications and get on with her life.

Amanda helps her clients to understand the true cause of their illness/s. She then enables them to make food and life changes that lead to recovery of health. The other two ingredients she uses are lived understanding and compassion, that was found through her own health journey.

Samantha Bachman has always lived life to the fullest. She is a homotoxicologist and has always believed that good nutrition and fitness are the keys to vibrant energy and health. She is a well-renowned speaker covering topics such as health, lifestyle and wealth creation. Her passion in life is to make changes for women globally, through health and education programs.

In this podcast, Samantha talks to Earthfood founder Bronwyn Holm.

Naomi Brooks from the Been There, Seen That Podcast

Their mission statement is: Streamlining the messy world of global conflicts and humanitarian crises – told by people who have been there, seen them or lived them. For the young, and the young at heart, who want to know more but don’t know where to start.

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