Earthfood enhances the growth, health and yield of all plant types, above and below ground, by putting live microbes into the soil to create natural nitrogen essential for fertile soil and optimum plant health.

A stronger plant has a better defense against pests, insects, mould, and diseases, while its unique liquid composition helps balance the soil’s pH/alkaline scale so that roots absorb vital nutrients.


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Our Story

Everything grows well in Australia. It has for millions of years thanks to the freshest air, an abundance of sunlight and water, and earth rich in ancient nutrients.

This means that Australians, better than most, known how to grow things really well, and that’s how Earthfood came to be.

Earthfood is inspired by an old and secret formula that combines the right balance of natural ingredients of the past with modern-day innovation to create an incredible new plant grower from one of the oldest continents on earth.

Our Product

Earthfood is a complete all in one certified 100% organic, micronutrient and soil conditioner containing highly specialised microbiology.

Earthfood is made in Queensland, Australia using an innovative manufacturing procedure that turns organic raw materials into an environmentally safe, natural liquid microbial inoculant, micronutrient and soil conditioner. Suitable for all plant types producing healthier fruit, vegetables, gardens and plants resulting in healthier people and a healthier planet.

Earthfood will not burn, is non-toxic and non-polluting. Is easy to use and can be applied with spray bottle or watering can.

When using Earthfood no additional products are required to keep your plants strong and healthy.

Independently tested and proven with outstanding results.

My garden is going well in ALL respects…I love Earth food.
Amanda Bigelow

Author, Powered by Health

Enjoy higher yields and lower costs!

Earthfood will restore all soils to their fullest potential over time whilst restoring your garden to its highest productivity and health levels. Reducing or eliminating the need for insecticides and fungicides!

100% Organic

Earthfood is an all-natural liquid micronutrient, soil conditioner and microbial inoculant all in one. It is derived from naturally occurring source material including organic poultry manure and a select range of microbes formulated to strengthen sustainability in soils through mineralization and elemental conversion. A biological environmentally sustainable natural solution.

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Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!



The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now!



A garden is a friend you can visit at any time 🙂



A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house 🙂



Earthfood Benefits
Domestic and Agricultural use

  • 100% natural solution that is environmentally safe.
  • Improves plant health and vigor.
  • Improves plant ability to resist pests and diseases.
  • Provides plant nutrients in a more readily absorbable form.
  • Can be used on any type of plant (indoors and outdoors), crop, flower or vegetable in almost any situation.
  • Extends the harvesting period.
  • Produces higher yields of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.
  • Improves crop quality in terms of color, texture and taste.
  • Produces crops with greater shelf life.
  • Scientifically developed and tested.
  • Improves the nutritional value of crops.
  • Significant cost savings compared with chemical fertilizers.
  • Solves soil compaction issues by improving soil tilth.
  • Suitable for both foliage and soil applications.
  • May be applied through any irrigation system or banded into the soil.
  • Nothing more powerful and affordable.

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