As Australia’s most unique farming and gardening microbial product online store and international supplier plant enhancing and soil rejuvenator, Earthfood, we believe we have a responsibility to be sustainable and best practice for our business and make the sustainability approach educational for our clients, our suppliers, and for our own business where we all need to be doing the right thing now, for good.

Everything at EARTHFOOD is safe for you and our planet.

  • Honesty in labelling. 
  • Meets our strict standards according to Australian Manufacturing Standards and Assessments.
  • Internationally accredited as 100% Certified Organic and holds an International Harmony Code for export.
  • Zero harm to people, animals, Earthworms and bees, waterways and reefs.
  • Our brand with passion and ethics.
  • Good from the maker to the end.
  • Performs better than unsafe alternatives.
  • Earthfood develops quality, reliability, sustainability, and resilience with a focus on affordable and equitable use for all and made with no slave labour, mined ingredients, GMO’s harmful neuro-toxic chemicals or fertilisers and high levels of any chemicals that will burden life itself from a microbe to the planet.


As a global community we all need to make the difference! (even so slightly, minimally. It all adds up!)

We now have 40 years of farmable land left on the planet, the waterways are damaged with pesticides and consequentially the bloom of blue-green algae which starves all fish and other water plant life of oxygen, the reef damage, the bee extinction possibility, the soil killed of microbes create dead, dried out dirt that is heating the planet and destroying vegetations of all kinds in the woodlands, rainforests, swamplands, beach grasslands, riverbanks, billabongs, and mountainous animal habitational environments. It all starts from our own backyards, figuratively speaking.

If we all add back to the earth the living microbes in the soil then from back yard to back yard, from farm to farm, from country to country, just like the Mycelian network, we can make a massive difference for our future generations but it starts with us now.


  1. To teach our community the vision for a negative footprint on the plant in making a positive difference, through our products and services.
  2. Our success is based on the success of our customer and our communities joining us on this mission. Restoring the earth – wherever we can, by restoring the soil and cooling the planet.
  3. Our aim in our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable if plastics are used. Every recycled plastic bottle is blown in Australia only.
  4. We search for ways that make a difference and not contribute to landfill, damage waterways, killing wildlife, suffocating animal, and plastic filling our land that takes 100+ years to break down, if it does ever. Our plastics are recyclable, and this kind of plastic is the kind that is used in park benches, roadways and easily recycled. SO please send to your recycling centre.
  5. OR! When your bottle is finished collect them and send back to us for a Mates' Rates discount.


We reviewed the lifecycle of our products and their packaging. We are constantly searching for the way that makes a difference and our war on waste in landfill.  You can make a difference by recycling our bottles OR bundle up for a Mates' Rate when returned to us. 

For every 4 bottles returned there is 10% discount on your next purchase.

Return your empty bottles in 4 pack bundles to: 

Earthfood, 3339 Pacific Highway, Springwood 4114 Queensland, Australia


As Australia’s most unique supplier of microbial plant enhancer and soil rejuvenator, we decided to make the solutions for the community as is our duty to our business responsibly and sustainably, and make it easy for our customers.

We look holistically at how we operate along the supply chain and take a lifecycle approach to understand our products and their packaging as having a potential environmental impact.


With products sold all over the world, we know that we have a part to play. We monitor our energy to ensure our business is running effectively. We also have programs to roll out energy efficiency such as LED lighting, replacement of inefficient heating and air conditioning units as well as innovation as they become available. All our electricity is run by solar and battery pack storage for use and harvesting of power.

  • Our plastic bags are made from corn starch where we can. 
  • Our bottles and caps are of recycled plastic, blown in Australia.
  • Our labels are vegetable dye inks and will fade if in the sun for long periods, but your microbes will also be dead so keep your bottles in a cool out-of-sun place.
  • Our carboard boxes are made of recycled paper and are pure carbon for microbial feeds if buried.
  • Our farm makes all our products in natural 100% certified organic methods with microbial waste used in local community garden centres or spread over farmland teaming with microbes and restoring the old cattle land, or damaged by chemicals from yesteryears.
  • Our practice of recycle, upcycle, restore and reuse is everyday occurrence with all staff members and friends.
  • Our staff are dedicated to the change force in regenerative farming education and urban farming practices from indoor gardens/potted plants and foods to small plot food gardens, to acreage farming. 



Trade Network and preference paper products derived from 100 per cent recycled content or having Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This ensures we minimise the use of paper products sourced from unsustainable forest practices. Choosing FSC-certification ensures the environmental needs in forest management are balanced to ensure sustainable growth for future generations. All deliveries made through transactions on our website are packed in boxes made from 100% recycled content where we can, and produced in Australia.



Earthfood has a vision to make a positive difference by supporting the responsible sourcing of our products, packaging, and services as the underpinnings of the ways we work within the business.

Responsible Sourcing focuses on three main issues which are outlined in the Responsible Sourcing Charter:

  1. Sourcing microbial food ingredients responsibly and sustainably
  2. Sourcing goods and services ethically
  3. Reducing environmental impact.

Sourcing food ingredients responsibly and sustainably

Earthfood’s Ethical Sourcing and Policy outlines the commitment to ensure that goods and services are sourced in a responsible manner while working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental practices.

Sourcing Goods and Services Ethically

Suppliers are assessed for risk according to the management of ethical and responsible sourcing risks and are required to demonstrate compliance to Earthfood’s Ethical Sourcing Policy.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Earthfood is committed to reducing our environmental impact. Earthfood makes the recycled packaging to assist our customers to recycle or compost our packing for less environmental degradation and protection of rights of communities and workers in the supply chain. We make sure we are not using products that have come from places of deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and any other activity that leaves a mark on the plant. If we can change it, we will.



1. Business integrity

  • Suppliers must engage ethically in all dealings and provide transparent documentation and records, no slavery in any part of the supply chain, no harsh treatments, prejudices, or discriminatory treatment of any kind to any staff or its employees.
2. Minimum requirements
  • All suppliers must fully comply with all local laws and regulations regarding labour, health, safety, and the environment. 
  • Suppliers must also fully comply with the legal requirements of the countries in which they operate, in addition to all elements of this Ethical Sourcing Policy.

 3. No discrimination is practiced.

  • There is no discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination, or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.
  • Sexual abuse or harassment is prohibited.

 4. Respect land rights of communities, farmers, and all owners

  • Earthfood respects all owners of land, in Australia. All farmers and property owners are respected and encouraged to care for all parts of the Australian (and globally) as living occupants we all need to give back to Mother Earth the microbes that past corporate and government partnerships have taken away and made barren the land on which we live.

 5. No Animal Testing

  • We do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations or finished products and will not do so in future.