Earthfood for Broadacre Farming

Earthfood for Broadacre Farming


Earthfood is extremely easy to apply through all irrigation systems.

This unique microbial solution has been filtered twice through the settlement period, firstly with a 100-micron mesh, and then a 140-micron mesh and therefore can be used through the finest irrigation systems. 

For General Field Application

  Used in existing drip lines without build-up or clogging.

  Banded into the soil (shanked).

Injected into flood irrigation and no harmful runoff.

  Used through overhead sprinkler systems without tip clogging.

  Used through pivot heads.

  Ploughed in at any stage will increases microbial activity speeding up the breakdown of crop stubble.

  Applied to foliage.

  Can be applied at almost any time – during ploughing or preparation, before seeding, during and after germination, during the growing process, right up to budding and/or up to 10 days before harvest!

Please Note: It is essential that Earthfood not be applied with any other products such as: fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides .

Applications For Small Crops and Pots

For Earthfood to work best with the growing cycle of the plant, application is as follows:

  1. First Application of the mixed solution must be applied, using clean containers for drip, spray or irrigation. Apply to all soils designated for planting, before planting.
  2. Second Application as best practice (optional) is to soak the seeds for 24 hours prior to planting.
  3. Third Application to seedlings once the first two leaves have been formed. Not the very first leaves, but the second pair.
  4. Fourth Application is a foliar spray, 14 days later.
  5. Fifth Application foliar spray on plants when starting to flower.
  6. Sixth Application foliar spray on plants when the fruit/food starts forming.
  7. Apply in the late afternoon or early morning when the plant is not stressed, or too hot.

This application method suits all herbs, flowers, ferns, indoor potted plants, hydroponics, micronutrients plants, all food plants, fruit trees, lawns/grasses, any growing plants.

For any further information on field and cycle applications you may Contact Us here.

We Are Here For You As Practising Farmers

We are available to discuss your individual requirements from crop, soil health, produce details and volume, application styles, and more.

We have a botanist, horticulturist, and agronomist available to support you to work with your current supply of fertiliser or without and go organic in style.

We have the formulations and understandings in practice to advise. Earthfood have been working with farms for 20 years throughout the USA, South America, South Africa, and Australia. Currently now working with vineyards in France and Argentina.

For more comprehensive data and technical information on Earthfood, check out our Product Sheets.
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