Earthfood Reviews

I will never use another fertiliser! Earthfood is my 'go to' and my garden is flourishing. Noticeably more flowers, bees and lush plants, and the perfect rescue-remedy for sick and struggling plants. Amazing product - amazing results!

Kurrara Historic Guest House

As a horticulturist specialising in food producing plants...Can't recommend the product highly enough. It's a natural tonic with some miracle rejuvenation properties. Thank you Earthfood!

Donna Mulvenna

I love Earthfood products. My garden has never been so productive. I always look for natural alternatives and this is a great range of products for me.

Jane Cadwgan

Great product that ticks all the boxes. Environmentally safe. Ethical company and the end result is healthy and nutritious food.

Brent Harvey

Easy to order, came quickly and was in perfect condition.

Hannah Mead