Earthfood Life can be used all year round - thank the live microbes.

Billions of live microbes help your plants, garden, and lawn function, no matter the season. They’ll be besties in no time! Earthfood Life is non-toxic, non-polluting and will not burn your plants. It is easy to use and can be applied with a spray bottle or watering can.

When you use Earthfood Life no additional products are required to keep your plants strong and healthy. Our Earthfood Life products are also Carbon Neutral.

Earthfood Life benefits for domestic and agricultural use.

100% organic natural solution that is environmentally safe.
Improves plant health and vigour.
Improves plant ability to resist pests and diseases.
Provides plant nutrients in a more readily absorbable form.
Can be used on any type of plant, crop, flower or vegetable in almost any situation.
Extends the harvesting period.
Produces higher yields of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.
Improves crop quality in terms of colour, texture and taste.

Earthfood Life benefits by type of user:

Pot Plant Person

Using Earthfood will allow your plants to flourish quickly and magnificently with strong stems, resilience to Gnats, and your potting mix is rehabilitated to living soil.

Use Earthfood regularly as you are the plant parent in place of the mother tree in the ground.

The microbes will make a biofilm over the roots. The roots will produce sugar for the microbes and the microbes will provide all the nutrients for the plant in their symbiotic relationship. Your plants will thank you for it.


Insects are a sign you have sick plants in sick soil. If a garden is growing in the ground, or above ground garden beds the soil is the number one health pinnacle.

Over the last 80 plus years we have destroyed healthy living soil. It has become compacted, thirsty, and dead. Little is going on under our feet. Using Earthfood rehabs the soil, creating the microbial network throughout the space or bed, and spreads to lawns, and trees in the vicinity. It balances the pH and makes the soil smell sweet, is moist and crumbling (aerated).

The sidenote is the Mycobacterium Vaccae is in the Earthfood microbial range and that is a natural antidepressant that we breathe in and make our souls feel good as well as the soil being naturally better!

Not only that the microbes become part of your food structure and they are the same ones you need for your gut and brain health - and that has long been documented as a subject in the new medico-sciences.


To save you labour, time and money, Earthfood is gold. Permaculture is hard work but it is making soil over time with labour.

Mother Nature takes 100 years to 2 inches of soil for example in a rainforest. Earthfood is rainforest in a bottle. The living microbe will make new soil in 4 months and at 9 months there is an unexplained science of the soil being rejuvenated and elevating the quality of the soil for any crop.

Homesteaders make sure you use sugar cane mulch, hay, wood chips or chopped up debris to cover the soil and protect it from the sun. 

Commercial Farmer

Spirally upward in crop harvest up to 40% more in weight and size, very limited marks and outer skin damage, insects bites or splitting, production of healthy seeds and flowering for pollination. (Contact to ask for the conventional farming conversions to biological botanical growing results). 

Farmers you will get crops that are close and productive, with stems carrying weight and strength. The microbes produce trace minerals and selenium which gives the crops 'guts' to the stems and leaves. Insects and plant diseases are minimal because they do not attack healthy crops. 

Spirally downward is the cost of consultants, industrial agricultural products, herbicides, pesticides, cost of water, and rotation time saving.

750 square metres coverage from 1 litre of Earthfood: 1 litre makes 60 litres of application (1:60).

  • Microbes are small, single-celled organisms that occur naturally in healthy balanced soils. One single microbe can multiply itself 16 million times in just 24 hours. Microbes consume organic matter and through a complex process of breathing in atmospheric nitrogen (you breathe 78% nitrogen in your air, every breath) and unlock the nutrients from the soil, restructure the soil with nano holes to hold condensation and watering, and they clean up toxins and chemicals to return to an eventually organic soil at the correct pH level.

  • This is why the plant roots become dense, thick, and strong and the immunity of the plant and leaves is outstanding. It can save a plant from insects (insects only attack sick and dying plants) and on top of that the microbes create trace mineral and selenium into a form which plants use to grow while releasing harmful chemicals from the soil until they are eliminated. Plants are unable to access food from the soil without microbes. Poor quality soils with little organic matter contain fat less microbial populations than those of healthy soils.  

  • Microorganisms abound in soil and are critical to decomposing organic residues and recycling soil nutrients. Bacteria are only 20-30% efficient at recycling carbon, have a high nitrogen content (3-10 carbon atoms to 1 nitrogen atom or 10-30% nitrogen), a lower carbon content, and a short life span. Carbon use efficiency is 40-55% for mycorrhizal fungi so they store and recycle more carbon (10:1 carbon to nitrogen ration) and less nitrogen (10%) in their cells than bacteria. Fungi are more specialised but need a constant food source and grow better under no-till conditions. 

Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner with Live Microbes

Produces crops with greater shelf life.
Scientifically developed and tested.
Improves the nutritional value of crops.
Significant cost savings compared with chemical fertilisers
Solves soil compaction issues by improving soil tilth.
Suitable for both foliage and soil applications.
May be applied through any irrigation system or banded into soil
Nothing more powerful and affordable
  • Increased soil biological activity has a multitude of profitable attributes. Increased metabolism through proper seasonal irrigation timing with Earthfood allows for warmer soil temperatures providing plants an earlier start to the season and resilience to colder air temperatures.


    As soil microbes begin to metabolise, CO2 is given off creating a pillow of higher CO2 concentration between the soil and canopy of the crop. As the colonisation begins to flourish, pathogenic fungus, and nematodes are starved and suppressed.


    Lastly, while all this is happening, tilth is increased allowing greater aeration of the soil and subsequently less fuel and maintenance costs on tractors and implements. 

  • The rich humus and natural bio-available nutrition is only the beginning.


    Earthfood is a new breed of agricultural input that will restore soils to their full potential while creating or restoring fields to their highest productivity and health levels.


    This 100% safe and natural solution can be used on any type of plant, crop, flower, or vegetable in almost any situation without fear of burning or overuse.


    It takes Mother Nature thousands of years to make a few inches of good soil.

  • With Earthfood Life we’re trying to get it done within a season or two, however results are seen in 9 months.


    When you start using Earthfood you are immediately reclaiming your soils unlocked potential that may have been silenced by years of conventional cropping practices.


    You will notice the appearance of your crops becoming healthier, while soil samples will scientifically prove the balancing of pH, increased cation exchange capacity, increased water holding capacity, increased organic matter content, and of course an increase in biological activity has occurred. 

Independently tested and proven with outstanding results.

Earthfood enhances the growth, health and overall yield of all plant types by reintroducing living microbes back into the soil.

Are you a domestic or commercial gardener, or enjoy casually pottering with indoor and outdoor pot plants?

Either way we guarantee* you your very own success story.

Spraying Earthfood’s living microbes formula directly onto the leaves and/or soil, encourages healthier soil, resulting in improved root growth and soil moisture retention whilst naturally boosting the plant’s immune system aiding your plants defence against pests, mould and disease. 

Live microbes in Earthfood encourage natural atmospheric nitrogen, one of the key elements essential for fertile living soil and optimum plant health. Earthfood’s unique liquid composition balances the soil’s pH/alkaline scale enabling plant roots to effectively absorb even more vital nutrients through the revitalised soil.

Earthfood reintroduces natural organic living microbes back into the soil. Then step back and allow Mother Nature to take care of the rest.

*Best results are guaranteed when product is used following Earthfood instructions.

Earthfood Life - Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner