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Common FAQs

What ingredients are in Earthfood?

Earthfood is an all-purpose liquid organic fertiliser and microbial inoculant all in one. It is derived from naturally occurring source material and a select range of microbes formulated to strengthen sustainability in soils through mineralisation and elemental conversion.

A biological environmentally sustainable natural solution.

Why does Earthfood contain microbes?

Plants are unable to access nutrients from the soil without microbes present. Microbes include beneficial bacteria and fungi, and they consume organic matter making it attractive to earthworms. Through a complex process microbes convert nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and all the many trace minerals into a form that plants use to grow.

Earthworms also help distribute beneficial microbes throughout the soil, creating a more balanced and productive environment for plants to thrive. In short, microbes and earthworms work together to enrich the soil and create a healthy ecosystem.

Chemical inputs (such as synthetic fertilisers and pesticides) damage soil structure and destroy microbial life and the fragile ecosystem.

The life within the soil is what makes nutrients available for plants to grow stronger and packed full of goodness.

How does Earthfood compare to synthetic fertilisers with higher fertiliser numbers?

Man-made chemical fertilisers will always have a higher total *NPK than organic fertilisers. And higher NPK levels too often do not mean healthier plants. For instance, high nitrogen fertilisers will result in quick growth, but quick growth without all the other necessary nutrients will result in weaker plants that are more susceptible to attacks by diseases and pests.

Furthermore, although laboratory analysis for chemical fertilisers is higher than those of organic fertilisers, the total ‘usable’ nutrients are far less. Much of the nutrients are bound up chemically and unusable by the plants, and much of the excess Nitrogen and Phosphorus will leach out into the groundwater and streams before the plants can use it.

Earthfood contains all the many nutrients and trace elements needed to build soil fertility, crumb structure, increased water holding capacity, provide food for the beneficial microbes and contribute to the many other things necessary for plants to grow healthy.

In addition, comparing chemical NKP numbers with those of organic fertilisers is very deceiving. It does not represent the slow-release nitrogen or the nitrogen potential that is locked up in the organic matter or the natural amino acids and humates.

Remember it takes more than NPK for optimum plant growth and soil health. Earthfood uses a patented process to turn selected naturally occurring materials into a 100% safe, environmentally friendly soil conditioner and plant food.

* NPK ratings refer the the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content in a product

Does Earthfood have a shelf life?

The microbes in our Earthfood are in a state of suspended animation, just waiting for a food source to wake up and begin working for you.

Stored in a cool, dry location and out of direct sunlight Earthfood will be ready for you when you are ready for it.

We have tested our Earthfood after 10 years of storage in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight and the microbes were still perfectly viable.

Is it safe to use Earthfood on my lawn?

Earthfood is 100% safe and natural and won’t harm people, plants, pets, bees or the worms in the ground. It is recommended that you water the soil first, then apply Earthfood to blades of grass. If you have patches of dirt make sure you cover the dead patch lightly with a little mulch or hay until the new growth starts again.

Does Earthood contain any pathogens?

No! Samples are regularly sent away for pathogen analysis, by third parties and Agricultural Universities.

Is Earthfood fertisiler safe to use?

Earthfood uses a patented process to turn selected naturally occurring materials into a 100% safe, environmentally friendly soil conditioner and plant food.

Does Earthfood have an odour?

When Earthfood is applied to the soil or mixed with water, a minimal odour dissipates very quickly.

Will Earthfood natural solution burn my plants?

Earthfood contains low levels of Nitrogen and will not burn your plants or lawn.

You can apply Earthfood to the most delicate houseplants without damage.

What is the difference between Earthfood Gratitude Living Soil and Earthfood Life Bio-Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner?

Earthfood "Gratitude" Living Soil is the fastest way to inoculate a volume or mass of a planting medium or area. Mixing 1 part Earthfood Gratitude to 2 parts soil, this is the fastest method possible to remedy your lifeless soil, taking only four weeks.

Whereas Earthfood "Life" contains microbes in a concentrated liquid form and is sprayed directly on the leaves, thus transferring the microbes into the roots via the stem. The microbes will effectively work within four weeks, however a significant difference can be seen within six to nine months, when a rich fertile soil in the top layer and depth of the soil will become apparent.

Earthfood Microbes can be sprayed on the soil for rehabilitation of areas, but must be covered with hay/sugarcane mulch. That soil will be ready for planting in 6 weeks, however optimum results may be achieved up to 6-9 months later, allowing time for the microbes to move underground, as they build the channel of nutrients required for healthy soil.

Earthfood Life and Gratitude will turn dry, grey clay, into chocolate brown living soil - select the product based on your required timeline. Exposing your soil to the sun will result in the microbes perishing, therefore remember to always cover the soil with hay, bark, ground cover, or cash crops.

If I use another product what will happen to the microbes?

If you have used a product on your plant or lawn, wait 2 weeks after your application and then use Earthfood and nothing else.

What is our Returns and Refunds Policy?

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What is your Shipping Policy?

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Earthfood Reviews

I will never use another fertiliser! Earthfood is my 'go to' and my garden is flourishing. Noticeably more flowers, bees and lush plants, and the perfect rescue-remedy for sick and struggling plants. Amazing product - amazing results!

Kurrara Historic Guest House

As a horticulturist specialising in food producing plants...Can't recommend the product highly enough. It's a natural tonic with some miracle rejuvenation properties. Thank you Earthfood!

Donna Mulvenna

I love Earthfood products. My garden has never been so productive. I always look for natural alternatives and this is a great range of products for me.

Jane Cadwgan

Great product that ticks all the boxes. Environmentally safe. Ethical company and the end result is healthy and nutritious food.

Brent Harvey

Easy to order, came quickly and was in perfect condition.

Hannah Mead