How to Grow Chilli Plants from Seeds

How to Grow Chilli Plants from Seeds


There are dozens of chilli varieties ranging from warm through hot to very, very hot! Even those labelled as ‘warm’ may be too hot for some people’s palates! While it is not always true, generally the smaller the chilli, the hotter it will be. The following are all good reliable varieties of chilli:

  Bird’s Eye



  Long Red

  Long Green




  Thai Hot Dragon


  1. Soak chilli seeds overnight in Earthfood concentrate before planting.
  2. Chilli seeds love hot weather, so when in the pots make sure the soil is covered with a layer of hay so the soil does not dry out and microbes perish.
  3. Sow chilli seeds as early as possible.
  4. Sow seeds in small and very shallow pots (about 5mm deep). Transfer to a larger pot when two leaves have developed, try not to touch the forming roots when repotting to prevent accidental damage.
  5. Water regularly but don’t allow the soil to become too moist. Earthfood keeps the soil cool and moist and when covered the watering is much less – feel before watering to make sure it is required.
  6. If seedlings are to be planted outside in the garden, gradually harden them off for 14 days (leave outside during the day and bring in overnight).
  7. Spray Earthfood on the leaves and soil.
  8. Put the pots in semi shade until the stems are about 10cms high and place in the sun after that out of the semi-shade.  Harvest your seeds to grow again.

When growing chillies, a good thing about using Earthfood is that the usual Whitefly, aphids and red spider mite do not try to interfere with your chilli plant.

‘Using Earthfood improves the molecular structure of leaves. Insects are attracted to sick plants with poor molecular structure, but through the use of Earthfood, that structure improves and your plants develop a natural resistance to pests, insects and disease.’
– Bronwyn Holm

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