Another Earthfood Success Story

Another Earthfood Success Story

Adam Jones - Figtree Organic Farm of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, produces crops from his syntropic organic farm to supply the markets in the region. And the only product used is Earthfood.

He has demonstrated that the crops are healthier, richer, lusher and the produce beds are perpetually damp in the often dry Queensland landscape.

As an example, Adam requires, on average, around one cup of water per Paw Paw tree per week. The rest of the moisture comes through the microbes’ natural capacity to feed the soil and captured frost, dew and natural condensations.

Earthfood is simply in a category unto itself.

Comparisons to any organic or synthetic fertilizers currently available in the market are completely inappropriate. It is a complete food source. It acts as a bio-fertilizer, but its nitrogen component is found in nitrifying bacteria, not chemically captured atmospheric nitrogen. It is generally significantly cheaper than synthetic fertilizers.

Its microbiology creates healthier and more diverse soils. It increases yields and Brix levels in all plants tested and used on. It can capture and convert synthetic fertilizers bound up in soils into plant available food sources. It has no negative consequences in the environment or local ecology; to the contrary it is healthy and helpful to the environment.

It is the only stable microbe driven Earthfood as approved 100% USDA Certified Organic, OMRI Listed Organic Use, CCOF standards approved, and Organic Trade Association Approved.

No chemical or fertilizer required.

Used in hydroponic and inground situations. A concentrate when mixed with water in a non-contaminated spray device – 1 litre makes 60 litres of application solution. (That is a fairway on a golf course). 

It can be used to start the reduction of highly toxic dependence of nitrogen urea which we all know is the destruction of waterways/drain systems and eventually ocean life / reefs, bees, and our own health eventually. This is our climate change improving consequence, broadacre speaking.  

Made in Australia with no chemicals, no mined ingredients, no GMOs, no pathogens, no artificial enhancements, no herbicides, or insecticides. Plants become strong in immunity and have a healthy defence against diseases and insects.

Our third party tested clinical reports as substantiated and proven of the following results:

  • 40%* more yield in lush, and density of roots / leaves
  • 40%* more protein per above ground green leaf (hydroponic or ground)
  • 70%* saving of water used in ground plantings.
  • Bee kind, frog friendly, reef safe, pet and child friendly. Pest and plant disease resistant naturally.

In short, Earthfood is a game changing, next generation nutrient. 

Although organically certified, most of Earthfood’s client base is traditional farmers looking for a significant economic advantage, and indoor plant parents with kitchen gardens at those back door steps.

With Earthfood, your food is organically grown - no chemicals or synthetic fertilisers.

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