Earthfood for Gardeners

Earthfood for Gardeners


gar·den·ing: the act, activity, or pastime of planning and cultivating gardens }

Gardening is wonderful for your health, well-being and improving overall happiness. People have been gardening indoors and outdoors for thousands of years and the joy of gardening is felt by all ages, all cultures, on all parts of this globe. The list of the benefits of gardening is endless, but if you love gardening, you already know that.

Gardening has made quite the comeback

For a while there so many of us just got too busy with life and put gardening and caring for plants on the back burner. How many times did you used to hear friends say, “I have a brown thumb” or “I kill plants if they come into my care”? Don’t you find that many of those friends and family are now raving about their latest plant or gardening success or caring for their ‘plant babies’ like they were children?

Our planet needs more green

We can all do our little bit. So let’s turn those lawns into herb gardens or flower beds. Let’s turn the sidewalk into an edible community garden. Let’s plant trees wherever they will grow and if you don’t have a garden, let’s turn those balconies and rooftops from concrete wastelands into a garden oasis.

We call Earthfood ‘Rainforest in a Bottle’

That’s because our Earthfood is packed with live microbes and the soil needs a healthy microbiome just like we do to function at our optimal best.

When the soil and plants get a natural boost by giving them a shower of living microbes, they respond by becoming healthier, stronger, faster-growing, more resilient to pests and disease and provide you with a greater yield be that fruit, flowers or reinvigorated growth.

Just like the rainforest ecosystem provides the rainforest with everything it needs for lush and dense growth, so does Earthfood provide your plants and garden with everything it needs, and then on your behalf, mother nature will naturally take care of all the rest.

Happy gardening!

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