Growing Tomatoes at Home with Earthfood

Growing Tomatoes at Home with Earthfood

It doesn’t get any more simple than this. Check out the step-by-step video and instructions below and before long you too can be eating your own juicy home-grown tomatoes.

How the lazy gardener can grow tomatoes quickly and easily.

We grow these tomatoes in the Earthfood Dispatch Centre and they are thriving.


    1. Grab an egg carton.
    2. Cut the bottom of the carton into three equal sections, which will give you four recesses in each.
    3. Turn the egg carton lid upside down and place your three cut sections into the lid.
    4. Fill all of the sections up with soil.
    5. Take your tomato seeds and pop them into each of the 12 carton recesses.
    6. Spray the dirt and seeds with Earthfood.
    7. Cover the egg carton with a large shower cap to keep the moisture in.
    8. When you start to see the new seedlings, put each of the 3 sections into pots, carton and all. The carton will actually break down and becomes part of the compost and the carbon that the plant uses.
    9. Once you’ve done that you’ve, spray your seedlings daily and they will grow.
    10. Before too long you will be eating your tomatoes.
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