Earthfood Mixing and Storage Information

Earthfood Mixing and Storage Information



 Always store your Earthfood in a cool, dark, moderate place between 5 and 45 degrees. We keep ours under the kitchen sink or in the laundry cupboard. Exposing your Earthfood solution to extreme high and low temperatures will destroy the live microbes.

 Never transfer the Earthfood concentrate into other bottles. The caps are breathable, allow the microbes some air, and release any build-up of the natural gases they produce. Previously used storage bottles could well be contaminated with harmful bacteria or chemicals, which could cause the microbes to perish.

 Always make a single-use mix for your plants, garden or lawn application. Use a clean spray bottle or watering can, and don’t forget to make only the amount you need for a single application.

 Add water* for your measured application in a spray bottle or watering can for use. *The best water to use for your mix will always be rainwater, tank water, well water, spring water or strongly filtered water. If using town water with chlorination, allow a window of 1 hour of fully functional microbes. Shortly after one hour in chlorinated water, they will perish, so get your Earthfood mix onto your plants or into the soil as quickly as possible.

It really is a matter of, use them or loose them!

 Earthfood is non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% organic. It is bee kind, frog friendly, reef safe and pet and child friendly. Earthfood turns dead dirt into healthy soils. Apply it to ALL plant types, grasses, food plants & trees, flowering plants and hydroponic plants.

 The best sign about keeping your microbes healthy and stored well is that there will be some creamy sludge floating on top of the solution from time to time. It is a good indication. It shows that the microbes are happy and healthy.

 Using Earthfood for the first time. For plants to respond well to your Earthfood applications, the soil needs first to be restructured and activated. If using any pesticides and chemical fertilisers previously, wait 10-14 days before using Earthfood. Instead, apply Earthfood as a spray directly to the foliage and let it feed slowly into the soil; that way, it will allow the microbes to bring your soil back to good health fairly quickly. Earthfood contains diverse micro-organisms designed to replace and replenish the soil’s natural ecosystem and increase the plant’s natural defence against pests and disease. Optimum plant growth is possible only when all essential elements are adequately supplied and balanced.

Vigorous plant growth supported only by an excessive supply of NPK (particularly nitrogen) can lead to a depletion of minerals in the soil without the support of other minerals. If the depleted mineral is needed to produce a required amino acid, it follows that the protein will not be properly formed.

Loosely speaking, this is where several issues, such as plant shelf life, taste, and health, arise. Earthfood addresses all these issues by unlocking and making various elements available during application and regular use.

Earthfood changes the dynamics of plant growth by rapidly and continuously accelerating the process of soil health and promoting the complex interaction of microbial activity while supplying the full range of nutrients to plants when and as they require them.

Repeated use of chemical fertilisers constantly reduces the organic contents in soil. Over time, the ground becomes hard, compacted, and cannot retain nutrients and moisture naturally. Not only does regular applications of Earthfood restore all soils to their highest function, but it can also save up to 70% of the watering required to maintain healthy and thriving plants, both indoors and in.

 Earthfood shelf life. The microbes in our Earthfood are in a state of suspended animation, just waiting for a food source to wake them up and begin working for you. Stored in cool, dry location and out of direct sunlight, Earthfood will be ready for you when you are. Even after twenty (20) years of testing in the above conditions, the microbes were still perfectly viable.

 Healthy Microbes in the soil allow the plant to do what plants do best – Grow!

  • Up to 40% more food, lushness, flowers and greenery
  • Up to 40% more protein per above-ground green leaf or blade of grass
  • Up to 70% water usage saving, certified 100% organic and naturally better
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