Is Your Soil Stinky When it Rains?

Is Your Soil Stinky When it Rains?

Healthy soil and garden beds should smell sweet in the rain. Similar to a musky sugary smell. That means you have activity going on beneath your feet.

You can have your soil lab tested to be sure. Send your soil to Earthfood’s HQ where we have our microbial meter testing kit but the free soil test is the sniff test!

Dead soil smells dead! Dead comes with its own smell that we can tell something is not right.

If it is a dead smell you can fix that with living microbes to put microscopic holes in the soil structure which is aeration and that also captures the condensation at night and holds the soil water so you can save 70% of water usage… just try and feel the soil before watering as you will notice it can wait another day, and another week.

Farms using Earthfood west of Gympie only use 1 cup of water, every 2 metres and once a week in the driest hottest part of the region because they have been using Earthfood on their organic crops of a few years now.

Head to our products page and learn more about the liquid microbe concentrate that contains billions of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. Mother Nature’s army of helpers to save you time, labour, and money, actively building your soil microbe ecosystem and building the natural soil food web - allowing your plants to derive all the nutrients it needs naturally!

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