"It is about feeding the soil, not the plant.” Eggert Holm, 1896, Viticulturist, Australia.

Originally from Denmark, in May 1902, Eggert and Emma Holm and their younger children moved from Laidley to James Street Toowoomba in Queensland Australia.

In 1905, they lived on Ruthven Street in Toowoomba opposite St Luke’s Church where Eggert opened “Holm’s Wine Vaults” at No. 2 Groom’s Buildings, holding the first wine sales licence in Queensland, Australia.

Eggert Holm was a viticulturist by vocation, winning acclaim for his expertise and became a vocal, erudite and sometimes quite provocative advocate for the Queensland Wine Industry, critical of the State Government for its lack of support and a subsequent decline in Australian exports.

In the 1920s Eggert expanded his interests to produce an Australian Champagne. A few years on in 1925 he gained notoriety for the manufacture of brandy from pineapples in Maryborough in Queensland.

Enjoying his role as a viticultural expert with great experience, he spent considerable time in giving advice on the management of vineyards, the treatment of diseases and on all matters connected with viticulture and vinification.

As we look back in time, our product, now Earthfood as aerobic, probiotic, 100% certified natural superfood for plants took over 100 years to formulate from humble beginnings in Eggert’s days in the late 1800s to the present day, as a domestic retail version for gardeners and communities which we now call Earthfood Life. A little different from the late 1880s but

The Earthfood Life recipe was formulated for its ability to achieve high yields and protect against pests and disease and is now a protected formula with 10 years of certifications, third party testing with proven results. 

Message from Earthfood Founder Bronwyn Holm

My Great Grandmother, Annie Holm (nee Giesemann) from Laidley on the Scenic Rim in Queensland (near Toowoomba), whose mother was part of the founding community who built this country town with 13 properties in the main streets.

In those days, the main streets of Laidley never wasted a spot without growing some form of food. Growing food was a preoccupation that was always in the back of their mind, in between their daily day work, preparing meals on the wood stove and of service to others.

Generosity was easy for Grandma Holm, any visitors arriving in town would pay their respects with a call in to receive a cup of tea or if it was meal-time the soup was extended and with Holm-made bread you sat and joined. It was lovely to be part of such a generous family. When I came across Anne Holm’s (Eggert Holm daughter-in-law)handwritten note, my eyes leaked with gratitude feeling the labour of love tending to her soil so her garden would bloom. It all just made sense to me.

As a legacy to my family, the Holm’s, let Earthfood help you enjoy the satisfaction and rewarding experience of gardening from pots on balconies to a traditional backyard or farming acreage to grow better tasting fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants and lawns for a healthier planet.


Bronwyn x