Collection: Earthfood

Earthfood a complete all-in-one certified 100% organic fertiliser and soil conditioner containing highly specialised living microbiology.

Made through an innovative manufacturing procedure that turns organic raw materials, Earthfood is environmentally safe, natural liquid microbial inoculant, micronutrient and soil conditioner. Suitable for all plant types producing healthier fruit, vegetables, gardens, lawn and plants resulting in healthier soil, healthier people and a healthier planet.

Earthfood will not burn, is non-toxic and non-polluting. As well, it’s easy to use and can be applied with spray bottle or watering can. No additional products are required to keep your plants strong and healthy when using Earthfood. 

Earthfood contains nitrifying bacteria and fungi which unlocks bound soil nitrogen from the air, so it is readily absorbed by the plants. Foliar fertilization for many growers who have grown up with chemicals are taking steps to organic fertilization.

The NPK (nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) is just packaged differently. Plants need more than NPK to grow well. The living microbes make trace minerals and selenium for the plants as well as unlocking all the nutrients from the soil and fixing into the soil atmospheric nitrogen. In the symbiotic relationship, the plants' roots become dense, thick and strong and produce the sugar for the microbes to thrive. (The BRIX process)

This is part of the mycelium network for all plants to communicate along and look after each other. With Earthfood, you're not just adding a product to make plants look pretty; you're turning dead dirt into living soil that prioritizes natural, sustainable, and holistic health of the soil, of plants, of Mother Nature and us.

1 Litre will make 60 litres of application when mixed with water. A single spray will cover 750sqm. Make only what will be used as microbes do not live in water and will perish. Keep out of the sun and they live well between the temperatures of 5 to 45 degrees.

Not made from manure so great for Vegans.

Independently tested and proven with outstanding results. Certified 100% organic by USDA, OMRI, Eco-Cert, Southern Cross, USDA, OMRI, ECO-Cert, Southern Cross, Rengener8-Carbon8 Regenerative Standards, Australian Organic Standards.