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Earthfood Gratitude – Living Soil Double Bags 2x 25L

Earthfood Gratitude – Living Soil Double Bags 2x 25L

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Earthfood Gratitude Living Soil is a soil concentrate to mix with other soils to make more living soil in approximately four weeks. It also rehabilitates the soil, cleaning up the chemicals and balance the pH.

Earthfood Gratitude Living Soil Concentrate is used as one third of Earthfood Gratitude Living Soil to two thirds potting mix or existing soil. Water lightly and cover with hay. Leave for four weeks with a spray of Earthfood 1:60 once in that time.

Check that the soil is moist at all times. At this point, start planting or potting and enjoy the delight of fast healthy growing, naturally better.

One bag of Earthfood Gratitude Living Soil makes 'three bags of usable soil volume' in your pot or garden bed. 

Made from a culture fermenting in the ground for 12 months and cut out to be bagged ready for you to heal the soil and potting mix for your plants.

The Earthfood microbial concentration is 100% USDA, OMRI, ECO-Cert, Southern Cross and Regener8 and Carbon8 Certified organic.

Earthfood Gratitude is made with temperatures rise to 60 degrees for pathogen-free soil and to ensure the highest concentration of microorganisms, humus formation, bio-availability of nutrients, with maximum nitrogen capture. This is a high energy living soil, with a stable humus structure. 

After using our Earthfood Gratitude Living Soils you can expect:

  • increased yields in food, flowering, seeds and growth
  • ​flowering bloom more regularly
  • higher immunity
  • higher water holding capacity of your soil
  • increased brix (sugar) content / nutrition in plants
  • increased correct soil biology for crop production
  • increased volume of crops in degraded soil
  • increased revitalized landscape yard soils
  • capabilities to bring alive any sick, tired & dying plants
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